The Various Window Options You Can Have for Your Home

There are many window types that are available for use in the modern times. You can choose your style of window as per your needs and desires. The type of window you choose will help you fulfill your requirements effectively.


Types of Windows

In case you are looking for a window that can open fully, then a casement window will be exactly what you want. A hopper window will be perfect for your basement. There are many elegant and classy windows that you can choose from and they are available locally in your area as well.

Awning Windows

If you want to have light and breeze, then awning windows are perfect for you. These windows are highly suitable for bedrooms and other areas that need to allow some light to come in but also need some privacy as well.

They also allow some ventilation as they can be opened slightly. Their advantage is that they can be positioned in a variety of spaces. This makes them very versatile and flexible for homes.


Casement Windows

These windows are perfect for light, fresh air and side breezes. The open outwards so that you can have better ventilation. They are extremely efficient in conserving energy and are good for places that cannot be reached easily like above sinks and appliances in the kitchen.

They open fully and don’t slide up and down. This makes them easy to handle.

Double Hung Windows

These windows are admired for their superior style, easy accessibility and high ventilation capabilities. These kinds of windows are great for kids’ rooms. This is because the bottom can be kept closed while the top is opened.

Double hung windows can be put up practically anywhere in your house. However, they find optimal use in kitchens, offices and bedrooms.

Picture Windows

These windows provide complete views of the outdoors without any obstructions. They are highly suitable for places that allow full scale ventilation. You can get much better lighting by installing them at a height on the walls of dark rooms and hallways.

They bring an eclectic balance of light and ventilation and are used in combination with patio doors and closable windows.

Bay Windows

These windows bring a calm and serene feel to the indoor surroundings. They allow light to stream in from different angles and creating multiple views. They also allow air to be circulated through the sides of the window.


These windows give a unique style statement and dress up every home. You can easily change the amount of light a room receives by replacing a fat window with a bay. Most of the times, bay windows are used for kitchens but they can also add a touch of elegance to family rooms and master bedrooms.

Jalousie Windows

These windows are made of glass slats and these can be opened and closed together. It is also called as a louvered window. They are highly suited for areas that have comfortable climates all through the year. They help in keeping a room cool and airy. However, it is not possible to seal them and this makes it difficult to use them for air-conditioners and heaters that are used in extreme climates.

Thus, in this way, these are the various window options that you can have for your home.



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