Marbonite Tiles-The Benefits

Marbonite tiles are a special type of tiles that are created by Johnson tiles. They are fully vitrified paving tiles and are available in beautiful and charming colors and sizes. Marbonite tiles can be maintained very easily as they do not need as much care as marbles.

Marbonite tiles have another benefit in that they are free from scratches, stains, chemicals and frost. Their surface is very strong and anti-skid and this makes the tile most suitable for sloping ramps, entrance lobbies, swimming pools decks and garden pathways.

This makes Marbonite tiles the best tiles to be used for outdoor spaces. Hence, they must be installed in these areas.


Advantages of Marbonite Tiles over Other Tiles

A Marbonite tile is an unglazed product that is made of a single slab and is fully vitrified. It is also highly resistant to chemicals and stains. They are easy to clean and have many features that are hygienic. This makes the surface of the tile resistant to bacteria.

The water absorption of Marbonite tiles is nearly zero; on the other hand, normal vitrified tiles have pores on their surface and they attract dust particles and stains. These are then reflected on the floor getting a dirty appearance.

The manufacture of Marbonite tiles is done using highly improvised technology that causes all the microscopic pores to be automatically sealed and this makes the surface of the tile stain free. This is how Marbonite tile is superior to vitrified tiles.


Vitrified Tiles Need Protection

Vitrified tiles can be cleaned using detergents that can be utilized for regular maintenance. In this case, you need to ensure that you use sufficient quantity of water when you are cleaning the floor with strong chemical agents.

In case there are any spills and stains, you need to clean them immediately to keep the beautiful appearance of the floor intact. In achieving this end, you can even keep household detergent or water. You can maintain the elegance of your floor only through regular cleaning.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that frequent moving of heavy objects must be avoided as this can damage the floor with tiles.

Laying Tiles Need Expert Advice

Tiles are very costly and sophisticated products and need to be handled more carefully. This makes it essential for you to take the services of an expert. Sometimes things may go wrong and it will cost you dearly if the activities associated with the tiles are not performed in the presence of experts.


How Marbonite is Better than Ceramic

The limitation of ordinary ceramic tiles is that they are porous in nature and they need to be glazed before being used. On the other hand, Marbonite is an unglazed product and is fully vitrified. This makes it more durable and stronger than ordinary ceramic tiles. This is why a majority of architects and designers always go for marble flooring and don’t opt for the ceramic one.

Marbonite Tiles are useful for walls also. These tiles can be used for interior and exterior walls and can be used up to a certain height. Thus, they can be used till 10 meter high walls where the tiles can be fixed with suitable adhesives.

Thus, in this way, Marbonite Tiles are better than other kinds of tiles.


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