Lighting Ideas For Modern Homes

Lighting is one of the key features of beautifying your home. Better and efficient lighting not only helps you perform tasks easily; it also increases your sense of security and comfort and makes your home look classy. Every home has unique and specific lighting needs . Find some unique lighting ideas here which will definitely add cheer and happiness to your home setting.

Halls and Living Rooms

Lighting and decoration can be used effectively for a first impression. The first impressions of the interiors of a house are conveyed by the foyer. You can keep a traditional chandelier in the centre or also a contemporary pendant or a close to ceiling fixture that is kept in transition in the hallway. This will provide the most luminous light and create an ambience that is very welcoming.
Use mirrors to add a decorative touch to the foyer. Let your works of art get life infused in them and lighten in up with halogen lights that have been taken from adjustable recessed down lighting.
Decorative Fixtures
Ensure that you size decorative fixtures to enhance your visual appeal. You need to be meticulous about the size proportions as all chandeliers cannot fit in all foyers. In case you have a larger space, you’ll need to have a larger chandelier. In case you want to see the chandelier from above, you’ll need to select a foyer chandelier or pendant that looks charming when seen from the second floor.
Stairways and Banisters

Stairways and halls need to have adequate lighting for safety. Stairs should be lit from the top to the bottom with switches on both sides so that there is no danger of tripping and meeting with accidents. You also need to maintain safety in hallways and this can be achieved by placing lights every 8 to 10 feet.
You can tie the fixtures you choose by matching the different elements of your different decorative items with the rest of the rooms. You also need to match the wall effects for enhancing the foyer fixture. You must mount a sconce at the eye level so that you can clearly view it from the side and front as well.
Living Areas

You must use lighting to the optimum level so that you can bring out the best in your living spaces. This will help enhance your room’s ambience, give engaging wall textures and provide all your works of art with the much needed illumination they deserve. There are a variety of lighting fixtures that will help you in general lighting as well as specified lighting needs.


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