Meet The Panelist For Seminar On #GreenDesign In Interior Architecture : Meenal Sutaria

Meet our next  Panellist Ar. Meenal Sutaria .Here is a brief biography on her.


Ar. Meenal Sutaria is the Founder and Director of Green Angle firm that provides Integrated Green building design solutions since last 17 years. In 17 years of professional experience she has worked on Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects focusing on Integrated designs, research studies,day lighting studies and energy studies. She did her Masters in Architecture, in Energy Conservation and Climate Responsive Architecture from University of Arizona, USA with working experience on healthcare and residential projects providing sustainable solutions to its design and assisting in certifications on national and international projects.
She is also a part of the IGBC Assessors, and Technical Committee and is instrumental in shaping the new rating systems and releasing addenda. Ms Meenal has also contributed to various institutes at masters level constantly guiding colleges and students through her lectures and workshops and has frequently presented pressing issues at several conferences. Green Angle was recently awarded and
recognised as a key contributor to the 3.2 billion sq ft of green footprint in India



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