Meet The Panelist For Seminar on #GreenDesign In Interior Architecture : Mr.Kiran Gala

Here is a brief profile on Mr.Kiran Gala to be present in The Seminar On Green Design In Interior Architecture organied by ABID.

At Kiran Gala & Associates, emphasis is on excellence in design with functional and total solutions & the strength is attention to detail.

Stepping beyond the realm of interior designing, Kiran Gala & Associates has progressed from creating tasteful spaces for its clients to tailoring a lifestyle.

The firm’s creative vision has earned a good reputation in the field of Interior Design by handling projects of various types throughout India varying from commercial to high end residential apartments and villas.


 “Innovation Changes the face of living”, thus keeping in mind the availability of latest materials & technology, we define the language of spaces.

We believe in offering personal attention to the client’s needs, involving the client in each phase that is from concept to completion.

The passage of time has not dampened the firm’s optimism or its zeal for architecture rather it has produced wisdom & a sense of craftsmanship that comes from having gone through the process many a times.



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