Glimpse Of Last Year’s Exhibition

It is time for revisiting some good old memories that have been highly enriching, as we bring a short glimpse of last year’s exhibition held in Milan Mela Grounds from 28th February to 4th March 2015.


The Association of Architects Builder Interior Designers and Allied Business (ABID) have come up with unique ideas in building every time. It has been constantly striving to provide efficient and high quality services in interiors. A platform to showcase and initiate new talents, this exhibition has been designed to inspire fine living.

Sneak Peak of the Exhibition

This national fair has been a platform for the young aspirants to showcase their skills. Various types of themes for decoration, has been used which can be easily incorporated in modern as well as stylish apartments.  ABID mainly believes in making people aware about different lifestyles and the recurrent changes.

The organization has come up with unique ideas always and also in this exhibition, to promote perfection in providing high quality interior services. The brand stressed on the importance of quality and class, both of which are required to satisfy niche customers with aesthetic tastes. It is through these little efforts that the brand aims to set a new trend in luxurious products that will be created for your lifetime.


Creations For Lifetime

The exhibition or the fair was been immensely successful in inspiring many people and providing them with functional ideas. Not just that the organization focuses on elegance, but they believe in keeping the sheer charm of the decorations intact. It is focused on quality control and never compromises on this particular parameter. ABID’s believes in providing merchandise which follows international standards and boasts of high class and quality. This also ensures its popularity among the public. These types of exhibitions or seminars that are very much useful to have interactions as how to improve one’s sense of living and also the aesthetic tastes too. ABID believes in better living and making environment better. Alexis Carrel has rightly said, “The quality of life is more important than life itself.”



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