Green Seminar Conducted By ABID in Kolkata Talks About Sustainable Architecture

Going back to nature  is the ultimate resort that all need to take. So why not take it early? To have a discussion and to make people aware about green building, a Green seminar was recently conducted by ABID Interiors. It was an initiative to move one step ahead towards making our planet greener and to make it more sustainable.


The Association of Architects Builder Interior Designers and Allied Business – (ABID) is an umbrella organization of all architects and builders. The organization was formed to share and promote ideas in building and way of living

Right Green Building And Why Shift to It?

It has been a highly enriching seminar held at ITC Sonar on 30th January 2016 where eminent builders graced the occasion by sharing their valuable views on green building, so that people become aware about it.

The concept of ideal green building has been a topic of the seminar, where it has been discussed, that, what would be a building project that would allow you to preserve most of the natural environment around the project site. While still, being able to produce a building, that is going to serve a purpose of promoting a healthy environment for all involved. It will not disrupt the land, water, resources and energy in and around the building. This is the actual what is green building.


The builders also discussed as to why shift to green building? When a building project starts, natural habitats around it get affected and actually an impact in the wildlife and environment occurs. Even the slightest changes that occur will help to promote a better planet, and a perfect place for the flora and the fauna. It is important for us to get back to nature. Green buildings are designed to reduce overall impact on environment and human health by:

  • Reduction of pollution
  • Efficient use of energy, water and other resources
  • Protection of occupant health and improving productivity

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Speech of Kiran Gala

Environmentally preferable building materials and other resources are to be used in construction. Kiran Gala, another speaker discussed on the how to turn green building into reality. He added, “Believe in natural objects which are recycled and get back to nature.” Increase in use of non-toxic, reusable, renewable, or recyclable material in construction and operations and promotion of local materials needs to be done. This can be done by the efficient use of landscape and by shifting to Teak, Bamboo, straw, lumber, insulated concrete forms, dimension stone, recycled stone and other products that is non-toxic, reusable and is renewable.


It is important to remember what K. Rao Jaisn an eminent speaker rightly said, “Live well so that the future can live well. The environment is built for humans to enjoy.”




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