New Home Decor Trends 2016

With a new year ushered in by us, there is revamp going on in our personal spaces. This personal space includes our homes. This year, there are some latest and newest home décor ideas that are sure to find a place in your home. Therefore read on so that you do not feel out of sync.

Lively Bed Sheets


Gone are the days of plain white bed sheets. 2016 is the year to add color to them along with funky and smart designs and pattern ideas so as to brighten up your bedroom.

Charm With Chandeliers


Chandeliers have always looked great in any sort of house – be it ornate or be it minimalistic. In 2016, chandeliers will give way to the small pendants that can be shaped as a dome, candle stand or lampshade. They are lighter and modern.

Kitchen Cabinets In Two Tone


Dress up the kitchen with neutral or light colored upper cabinets and then contrast the lower cabinets by using wood or any other material in a different color.

Appliances That Appeal


The days of white appliances are over and this year, go for the colored stainless steel appliances that spell class and sophistication – especially the black stainless steel ones.

Boost Up The Bathroom


When you are redecorating the whole house, turn your attention to the bathroom and buy a combination of toilet unit and bidets. While they were not popular earlier, now they have really caught on.

Return Of The Desk


Many had announced the demise of desk but this year, desk in white or neutral colors along with comfortable chairs are coming back. Use the desk to display your most precious curios as well.

Pedestal At The Corner


In case you earlier home décor had an empty corner, fill it up this time with the very in demand tall pedestal. Use it to exhibit that precious pottery, artifact or even a pretty plant.

Dining Rooms That Are Formal


While dining rooms were increasingly becoming a forgotten space, this year, the trend of formal and well done up dining rooms have really caught up. Therefore take the leap and see your guests going green with envy.

Our home is our pride and therefore, it is necessary that we make it beautiful and classy at the same time. The trends come and go every year but your style can and should remain intact.





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