ABID In A Celebratory Mood On World Interiors Day 2016


“Interiors Innovations” is the theme we decided to have as our 1st theme which our theme taps into the comprehensive imagination and creativity for accentuating a future built environment and meant to reflect a deep impact in the societal conjecture establishing a long term continuous cycle which adheres to the urban lifestyle.” Mr. Kamlesh Agarwal, President ABID.


Association of Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators And Allied Business or ABID is a conglomerate of some of the best minds in the field of building in Kolkata and in India. To celebrate the association, ABID had celebrated ‘World Interiors Day’ 2016. The occasion was celebrated by arranging a gala event which mainly focused on the innovations that have come up or is on the verge of coming up in the interior sector. For this, exhibitions were held on 2nd and 3rd July 2016 at Quest Mall, Acropolis, Mani Square and Homeland Kolkata.


World Interior Day On The International Stage

This year, the theme of World Interiors Day in the international stage was “Interiors Intelligence.” The aim of World Interiors Day is to instill a sense of passion, imagination and creativity into those who enable a layman to have the house of their dreams. The concept of green building has also taken a firm footing in the international scenario and World Interiors Day took the opportunity to further enlighten the professionals so that they can work on protecting the environment. Keeping in mind that, ABID has also treaded the path which their international brethrens have taken.


Celebration By ABID At Happening Spots In Kolkata

In India, ABID celebrated “Interiors Innovation” and innovative designs were installed in four of the malls and they were a hit with the visitors as well. All the malls showcased some excellent furniture and other designs. The icing on the cake was the gracious presence of a host of celebrities like designer Agnimitra Paul,  actress Koneenica Banerjee and other well known personalities. All of them participated in an interactive session at Quest Mall which helped the occasion to turn out into a grand and excellent success.



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