Media Coverage on World Interiors Day 2016

ABID celebrated ‘World Interiors Day’ on 2nd and 3rd July at four of the most happening malls is Kolkata, Mani Square, Acropolis Mall, Quest Mall and Homeland Mall.



The theme chosen for the event was “Interiors Innovation” and it was also an opportunity where the cooperation between professionals from the different fields of work came to the limelight.




On top of that, there was increased focus on making the public aware of what interior and architecture is all about.





The design and creative team for the occasion was Archit Saraogi, Sk. Md Sabir, Md. Wasim, Sunanda Goenka, Srijit Ghosh, Vandana Rajgarhia, Shreyashi Roy, Pina Sheth, Rashmi Bajoria, Mukesh Agarwal, Ritu Duggal and Pravir Agarwal.

The concept was by Arunika Sarkar.



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