Spend Ample Festive Cheer With A Few Quirky Festive Decor Tips

January to December and December to January, there are so many amazing and beautiful occasions for the citizenry of India to look forward to. The biggest festivals that India celebrates with gusto and enthusiasm are the various regional New Years, Navratri, Durga Puja and the most exciting of them all – Diwali. New clothes and good food are prerequisites, so why should your dear home feel left out. Here are easy festive decor tips to follow.


Thought For The Floor

A much neglected area of the house is the floor. While we tread on it day and night, it is equally necessary to make it look beautiful. The best option is a colorful and bright carpet or rug. Choose shades of orange, yellow and green or a mix of all because these are the season’s colors.

Comfy And Quirky Sofa

With the floor taken care of, spare some thought to the furniture on top of it, i.e. the sofa. In case you have a bland monotonous sofa, then spice up the look by throwing on some colorful and printed cushion covers. They will make a room look fresh and bright to say the least.

Designer Touch To The Wall

Walls are more like a gallery space to show off the latest treasure brought by you. However, in case you want to have a standout wall, then cover them with wall paper. Floral for the living room, cartoon characters for the kids room and food wall paper for the kitchen – there is one particular design for every room.

Other than these furnishing tips, you can also add potpourri, colorful and fragrant candles and hanging lanterns to pep up the look of your home during the auspicious and celebratory occasions in India.





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