Get A Brighter Space For Yourself With Peppy Light Setting

Even the most luxurious of homes can look down market if it does not have the necessary lighting. In fact, it is one of the most fundamental and important of all elements in a house. Lights add beauty, clarity and safety to a house. Moreover, the right kind of light can add that extra dose of sophistication to any urban space.


Light For The Living Room

The living room is the first chance to give out a welcome vibe to any visitor. Therefore, place a chandelier or beautiful Chinese lamps on the ceiling with a warm and friendly light in it. The best option is halogen light and you can place a mirror in the room to enhance the lighting.

Let The Kitchen Be The Queen

Kitchen is the place to experiment because it is a private place and therefore with restricted entry to outsiders. Go for can lighting, task lighting and mood lighting. Extra lighting is a must over the sink, preparation area and the stove. Even under cabinet lighting can be used which stays alight at night time.

Beauty For The Bathroom

A well sized bathroom needs a equal amount of lighting and even separate ones for the washbasin and shower area. In case there are multiple mirrors, then you can have separate fixtures over each or even sconces on either side. The shower area can have a shower/fan combination and the switch must be on the outside.

Soft Romance For Bedroom

The bedroom calls for soft and dreamy lighting and also bright white light. Switch them as per your mood and a pretty decorative light in the middle can up the ante by quite a few notches.

While lighting is a necessity, there is no reason why it cannot be decorative. So pull up your sock and add the best of lighting to your home.



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