Try Out The New Home Decor Trends To Add Some Sizzle To The House

‘Home Sweet Home’ – this is an old adage that has always found resonance with everyone. Whether simple or luxurious, spacious or with limited spaces, a person’s home is the most secure space of all. Here are a few quick and handy tips to have a beautiful home.

Plenty Of Peacock Touch

Indians have an enduring a long lasting love affair with peacock. While we have used peacock feathers to dress up, inclusion of the pattern in home decor is a new phenomenon. Go for the pattern in your rugs, cushion covers and also in the curtains.

Greenery Everywhere

This is an oft repeated but extremely effective way to add a touch of freshness in a house. Indoor plants are very much in demand and they complement every sort of home decor, be it minimalistic or the more flowery one. Moreover, the green of the plants goes well with every kind of home decor color like white, brown, beige or the bright eye catching colors.

The Kitchen Corner

The kitchen is one of the most  important and experimental part of the house. The latest trend is to have colorful marble kitchen top to get that happy feeling during cooking time. Currently, another furniture setting popular is eat in the kitchen option with the placement of a sturdy and functional dining table. However, if you have an ornamental dining table then another trend is to have a comprehensive living cum dining room with an open kitchen. It is space saving and ideal for small apartments.

Bathroom Benefits

Bathroom is one more place where home decor comes in. Currently, geometric floor tiles are extremely in, especially in black and white. Again the bathtub can be one with a claw foot one for a fiery and royal look in the bathroom.


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