Fall In Love With The New Trends In Home Decor

Home is one place in this world which is whole heartedly yours. You can dress it, decorate it and even revamp it just the way you want it to be. Nonetheless, every year brings with it new style and trends and the in tune people love to keep their home updated as well. Let us see the latest, newest home decor tips for you

Say Bye To Clutter              

The 21st century is all about minimalistic style and having furniture that gives one the room and space to move around. Sophisticated and quality furniture wins hands down rather than cluttery, boring and monotonous ones. Moreover, it is good to go for furniture that stands out from the rest with its design.

Mix And Match Is The Mantra

The best thing to dress up a house is to go for mix and match. Combine floral and nautical prints, add textile and batik and the end result will be something marvelous. Go for cage lights in a modern room or a four poster bed that will add some drama to a staid looking space.

Explore The Arty Side In You

Now do not panic because we are not telling you to paint yourself. Rather, choosing and arranging the painting or artwork in the best possible way is an art in itself. One must hang the picture midline around 55 to 60 inches from the ground so that it is at eye level.

White Is Always In

One colour that transforms the look of a home is white. Therefore, take an inexpensive one and paint it white so that the middle of any room looks astonishingly beautiful.

Dressing up a home is a cherished activity and it is always good to look out for smart ideas to add some flourish to a home.


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