Diwali Home Decor Tips

Diwali is a festival which is associated with diyas, lights, and beautiful rangolis. In this festival we all want to give a new look to our home or rather say a makeover of your home.



Don’t fill your living room with too tall furniture’s

Even the room is large, don’t put too tall furniture’s so that it should look spacious. Use white and grey  horizontal stripes cushion covers to make your room look more calm and soothing. A jute carpet will give your living room an unique look. Put some beautiful light color curtains to make your living room little more cozy.



A Traditional Touch

Copper utensils gives a traditional look to your home. Keep some beautiful rustic copper flower vase in the entrance of your home or you can keep some copper bowl and decorate it with flowers and diyas.



This Diwali go Antique

Festivals are about celebrating your culture and tradition. This Diwali you can put some beautiful antique pieces in your living room and enhance the beauty of your room.


Go Bright and Bold

Festive season is all about bright colors. Colors also have a psychological effect. Bright colors makes you feel happy and energetic. This Diwali go for some bold and elegant colors and give your home a new look.


Cushions this Diwali

Beautiful bright colors printed cushion covers makes your room look more lively. You can also maintain a particular color matching with your wall or carpets or you can also use multi colors to make your room look more colorful and gay.


Paper cups turned into Lamps

This Diwali bring out the create you. Decorate your home with beautiful and unique paper cups lamps. Take paper cups, paint it with different colors and designs and attach a chain of light bulbs and decorate your balcony.


Welcome your guests with a nice fragrance

Put some bowl full of Potpourri in your rooms which will spread a divine smell. Keep them in such a place that the smell should properly spread. You will get it readymade in shops but you can also make it at home.


Paper Lanterns

There is nothing more satisfying than creating something and decorating your home with that. This Diwali you can make paper lanterns, though they are easily available at shops but you can make it at home according to your wish. With different colors, shapes and giving it them a different textures.



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