Know All About the Furnishing Trends This Season

The latest trends in interior classify few things such as exotic jungle prints, psychedelic colors and retro style. Monochrome, up cycling and the use of natural materials and tones are all in fashion. Decorate your home keeping one thing in mind that it should define your taste as well as should not create a big hole in your pocket.

Expect Bold And Beautiful

Interior trends specify a whole new color scheme; be it retro style or folk touch up play with some international influence that can give a new definition to your home. Bold and brash color clashes, vibrant patterns and lots of mixture of different materials make the marks on interiors. Add lots of natural green to your décor to give a strong seasonal look. You can be a little bolder with jungle theme with animal prints and exotic palms with addition to some natural bamboos to create a dramatic effect.

Cushions And Rugs

Play with the theme of your drawing room cushion and rugs by bringing a warm and global vibe. Bohemian colors and patterns will suit best, be it floral or tribal prints. Understated palette is the key feature that provides a sophisticated and luxury look to your upholsteries. You can use some metallic colors also. The latest 3D prints on cushion covers and curtains create some fantastic curves to modern interiors similarly a saturated color palette dominates with orange and green mixing with materials such as bamboo and wood would create interesting indoor furniture ranges and accessories.

Dark Colored Furniture With Rich Fabrics on The Wall

Incorporate dark interior furniture, rich and heavy colors and fabrics on the wall. The curtain materials can be silk; bold lanterns and wooden panels serve as great room dividers so apply those with creativity. Handmade furnishing items along with natural touches are ‘in’ thing now so try to be a little creative with these things.

Simple Is The Key word

Uncomplicated and basic necessity is in the trend right now so be simple yet elegant. Stripes as print look great and simple too, try to use patterns within the same color family but do a little mix and match that can create interesting motifs maintaining a relaxed subtle look.

Be it living room or kitchen try to make the comfort level always high. Choose materials that are easy to maintain as well as can last longer. Be creative, a little brazen while decorating your home and you will receive amazing outcome.


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