Decor Ideas That are Trend in This Summer

Summer calls for a change from the flamboyance of spring, sit back and relax. Enjoying the sultry afternoons and calm evenings outdoor is what sumps up the weather. Though it can be a bit uncomfortable, you definitely need to spruce up your surroundings to suit the sweltering heat.

Let’s have a look at some of the decor trends that are in trend this summer and what you can easily adapt for your house to liven up your space:

Paint your cabinets in bright colours

If you want something different this season, try painting your cabinets in bright colours such as citrus yellow, orange or blue. The colours can lift your mood and your space.

Include a lot of greens in the house

If you are bored with the concrete interiors of your house, bring in some succulents, either in vase or flower pots or even terrariums. Natural greenery adds to your interiors and also improves your ecosystem.

Set a table in different hues

Food never looked so great before! Buy colourful cutlery of your choice and add the ceramics to your dining area. Children, especially, will love this idea.

Bring in colourful artwork  

Break the monotony of  monochrome wall with artworks of various colours in all shapes and sizes. Use the paintings to brighten the dark areas especially. Try the flea markets or the resale shops to bring in the stock.

Set up the exteriors

Summer is incomplete without get-together outdoors. When you are doing up the interiors of your house, also pay attention to the outdoors. Set up a dining area, bring in fair lights, get some drapes on the wooden furniture and you are set to spend a quiet evening with your loved ones in nature’s company.

Comfortable upholstery and soothing prints and patterns are also in this season. So, try all the permutation and combinations to decorate the space of your dreams.


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