Kamlesh Agarwal President, ABID speaks about the Wonderful Event of World Interiors Day ABID Organize Every Year

ABID is an organisation full of vibrant, dynamic and cre ative people. Over the last 25 years ABID has grown to become the largest organisation in Kolkata and eastern India, consisting over 350 members from the industry of interior design, architecture, home decor and supplementary products.

Last year, Kolkata witnessed a wonderful event of World Interiors Day organised by ABID, where we set up wonderful art installation which was themed `Interiors Innovation’ across the city. This time, ABID is celebrating World Interiors Day at Quest Mall with the theme of `Illusion & Ingenuity’. This event incorporates with two different art installations which are the reflection of creativity and imagination. World Interior Day is a day for reflection on how interior designers apply creativity and innovative solutions for the benefit of both aesthetics and functionality and on how space matters.

As a president of ABID my aim is to sustain and accelerate its tremendous growth and potential. Together, as a team, we are committed to make a difference to the world of interiors and architecture.


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