Want to Make Your Room Look Bigger? There Are Few Decorating Tricks with Optical Illusion

It is easy for modern architects and interior designers to cultivate their design skills on large spaces, but small areas are tough to decorate where spaces seem to be too small but necessities are many. It is a great challenge for the designers to come up with clever design ideas. Designer should consider several important factors that affect the optical change in the size and proportions of rooms. It is possible to correct interior without redesigning the entire structure but with the little help of optical illusions which can totally change the visual perception of the interior space.

A room can be visually enlarged, heightened, deepened, broadened, narrowed, or lowered by using the proper colour, lighting, materials, pattern, shapes, horizontal or vertical lines, mirrors, etc.

Colour is such a fascinating facet of decorating that it can create a believable illusion. The right colour combination can change the visual size and proportions of the room, making even the smallest space seem large, airy and attractive. Designer can easily manipulate the length, width and height of painted interiors by pairing with perfect hues and contrasting colours.

Lighting is the most important aspect of interior design; it not only creates an ambience of a living space but also creates a visually larger space. Creative use of lighting can enhance everything in the room and helps in achieving a perfect balance between style, comfort and beautiful interiors. Incorporating a good interior lighting can increase the brightness of the room and can also create ideal mood sets.

A very prevalent and obvious way of decorating a small room is by hanging mirrors on the wall. This is a simple technique to make the room look larger than it is. It can create fascinating optical illusions and can also bring a wow factor to a well-proportioned room.

Do not spoil the interior with excess accessories and equipment’s. Keep it simple but trendy with this few tricks.


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