Decor Ideas That Are in Trend This Year

Your home is a reflection of your taste in aesthetics; it displays your sensibilities and your desires. Envisioning of how you want your home to look is the easy part, but it may take days even months to make it practically possible. The design and decor of your home should also reflect your personality. So, if you are planning a revamp session, it is time to discuss some decor ideas with your interior designer and bring something unique on board.


Till a few years ago, the Indian design industry was largely undeveloped, as there was no market for local crafts and products. The homes used to look like clones as each house stressed on minimalism and large empty spaces with touches of Italian decor. But more and more people are looking for individualistic touches with an inclusion of handcrafted furniture made in India. The idea is to diminish the influence of the western world, take
the traditional art and craft of India and blend it with contemporary style. Local materials like marble, leather, wood and brass are finding their due places in the studios of the creative designers. An embroidered sofa would sound improbable a few years back. Things have changed; traditional motifs like the paisley print are making
way to Indian houses.


The demand for metal art is also on the rise. Eclectic art pieces with a modern touch have become quite popular in urban homes. Metal table tops and asymmetrical shelves are also finding their way in the urban landscape. One good thing about the local-made products is that customers the choice of customizing their products as per their budget and requirements. A marble lampshade may not suit your budget, so you can always ask to customize it and make it less ornamental. Mix and match style will dominate home design; the young urban group of customers do not want to adhere exclusively to one single decor idea. Rather, they would love the mix of elements which will bring out a unique style.


Although soft pastel shades are still used for bedrooms; bold jewel tones which create a dramatic effect on the walls are becoming extremely popular. According to interior designers, there should be at least one wall with bold colours which will act as the center piece of the entire house has become a trend these days. As a contrast to the bold swishing colours, matte-coloured appliances are preferred in the kitchens.


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