Our Eminent Speakers for Intelligent Design Solutions

Meet our esteemed speakers for ABID’s Intelligent Design Solutions, a day-long seminar about the latest technological developments in the field of interior architecture.


Our key note speaker, AR Karan Grover, is an alumni of M.S. University of Baroda and Architectural Association in London.He the first architect to win the U.S. Green Building Council’s “Platinum” Award for designing the greenest building in the world. Karan’s climatology-friendly buildings are the first of their kind in India. He will be there to speak on achieving intelligent building design solutions. He will also be speaking about about his years of experience in his designated building and how ‘green architecture’ has become the need of the day.


A big name in Thailand, Ar Acharawan Chutarat has created some brilliant concepts in light designs for commercial, residential, and cultural spaces. Her designs are environment-friendly and sustainable and have been appreciated by her clients. Acharawan’s work has brought her accolades and recognition. We are honored that she will be a speaker in our event.


AR Prem Nath is an iconic Indian architect who is responsible for designing buildings of great repute in both national and international locations. As an architect, he believes in blending the concepts of design and construction for all his projects. He has won many awards for his extraordinary contribution in this field. We are proud to have him as our panellist.


AR J P Agarwal will be present as a speaker in the event. He will be talking about his years of experience and also how young architects can advance in the field.


An alumni of Bengal Engineering College and IIT Kharagpur, AR Anjan Gupta, is a renowned name in field of architecture. He has worked on various reputed projects like Arthur Anderson Professional School Campus in Illinois. His clients credit him for creating brilliant designs in tight budgets. We are honored to have him as a moderator.


AR Vivek Rathore is a well-known name in the world of architecture. An IIT Roorkee graduate, Vivek has always emphasized on sustainable designs. A pioneer to initiate the concept of Biophyllic [love of nature] in his architectural design, his concepts can be found in abundance in commercial and hospitality projects. It will be an honor for us to have him as a speaker.



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