Decofur At ABID Interiors 2018

Decofur has been a part of ABID Interiors 2018 and brought out the magic of teak wood and Corian furniture. The stall boasted of an amazing collection of furniture which can add magic to your inner world. ABID Interiors has always promoted sustainable lifestyle and décor and what else can beat the power of nature when it comes to furniture.

Furniture in every room should reflect you. It should be beautiful and useful at the same time. Decofur is an abode of a wonderful collection of teak wood and Corian furniture for all your home and office needs. Decofur showcases a wonderfully curated furniture range exploring the modern, periodic or classical style of furniture. Be it your home or office space, teak wood furniture is best found in Decofur..

“Be it modern, periodic or classical, we have the finest range of furniture to make your home a dream abode. ABID Interiors 2018 is a great platform where we can easily connect to our clients and help us serve them better” said Anand Gupta, owner Decofur

Take a hint from these pictures to know about the latest home décor trends. For those who are looking for a home revamp, this is the brand to look out for.


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