Glimpses of Decorage & Associates At ABID Interiors

Sustainability is one of the chief concerns for ABID Interiors and with Interiors 2018 our sole aim is to add reality to your imagination. Reusing old furniture can be an effective means of sustainable lifestyle

Decorage & Associates is one of the most amazing stalls in the fair, which flaunted of a wonderful range of furniture comprising both new and renovated ones.

Furniture for your home can be quite an investment, but what happens after a few years when you are bored of them? Discarding them is an option indeed but most of us might have an emotional connect to it. Here in steps in Decorage & Associates. They provide a wonderful makeover to your old furniture by adding a new look to them.



Distressed furniture is rage and Decorage & Associates have a splendid collection of distressed furniture to add a quirky and fun touch to your home. From colorful chest of drawers to couches, Decorage is a perfect destination if you want to break the monotony of your home’s look.

“Reusing is the best option for a sustainable living. We at Decorage & Associates aim to add a new look to your already used furniture. Distressed furniture is not just good for sustainable lifestyle, but is also great if you want a fun and quirky touch to your inner world.

Being a part of ABID Interiors 2018 has been a great opportunity to connect to more people and spread the word about sustainability and distressed furniture” says Anisha Johri


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