Packman At ABID Interiors 2018 : A Quick Glimpse

Packman stall at ABID Interiors 2018 was an interesting stall, that introduced us to the concept of window dressings and blinds.
Windows are often a silent speaker of what your home feels like. But since they can reveal a lot about your inner world, it is very important to keep them hidden from the outside world. Blinds can be a very important accessory or dressing for your windows. Today, we aim to beautify every part of our home and windows are no exceptions. Blinds can be a perfect solution when it comes to protecting your home from dust, pollution, sound, light or heat and also maintain your privacy.

“Gone are the days when window curtains were mere products and necessity. Window dressings are more than that today. At Packman we have technologically innovated solutions for your windows. We believe in transformation and window blinds can be an essential accessory to bring in a dramatic and luxurious touch to your home.” shares Mr. Amar Sanganeria, Founder & CEO, Packman

When you think about blinds, there is only one brand to look out for. From window to roller to Venetian to vertical, Packman is the undisputed king of window blinds which will ensure that you have enough privacy in your rooms and also help you maintain a sustainable lifestyle.


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