Biopod At ABID Interiors 2018

Smart technology can make living so infinitely better. You want to know why? Take a hint from Biopod and their revolutionary product, the app-controlled microhabitat which creates an ideal environment to grow your favorite plant or herbs. Now, you can have your own little heaven of green in the middle of your home with no hassle at all. From salad greens to chilies to continental herbs to delicious mushrooms, Biopod is your perfect garden to have fresh produce. At ABID Interiors 2018, it is our aim to connect to all those people who believe that smart technology is meant to provide practical and sustainable living solutions for everyone without losing the humane touch.

Let’s say that you have a beautiful home, but not enough space to have your own kitchen garden. Just let Biopod know what you want to raise or grow. With an app-controlled microhabitat which regulates the temperature light, ventilation, rainfall and humidity, you can now have your own perfect piece of green in the middle of the concrete jungle. Trying your hand in gardening for the first time? Leave your worries to Biopod which will guide you through each step, making suggestions. Homes without a touch of green can look dull and boring.

This beautiful piece of green is your perfect solace on a hectic day, because as you look into the soothing green and smell the fresh herbs, you will feel instantaneously energized. Now, you can also have fresh and pure home-grown medicinal plants which can be grown in a pesticide-free environment without any harmful fertilizers. Do you know what the best thing about Biopod’s system is? It creates a relaxing backdrop for your living space. This automated low-maintenance system is a great addition for those who search for a bit of green leisure in the middle of bricks and concrete.


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