Tips for Year End Home Décor

New Year means new beginning; literally for almost every aspect of life and so our most desirable homes cannot be left behind without a makeover. Year end comes along with winter. Time to bring out the additional carpets and rugs to cover the bare floor to provide comfort and a new look together.

Simple Idea That Add-on Fun Element

Designer furniture always offer the best look to your otherwise simple looking living room though we often tend to change our home décor with the furniture from an exclusive décor store such as ABID. But sometimes a little change in the interior decoration with the same set of furniture give a different look to your old living room; like changing the cushion covers, displaying the dressier fabrics, rich materials do not overpower the overall look of the room but add more warmth to your home.

Create A Cozy Corner of Your Own

Let the light fall inside and allow the winter sun warm up your room. Make a reading corner with simple looking comfortable furniture favourably in teak wood. Top quality furniture and furnishing will give you endless options for a cozy sitting arrangement. There is nothing more sublime than reading while sun warms up your back.

Inventive Candles

Candles are considered as the ideal décor accessory nowadays. Fragrant candles are perfect during winters for their beautiful glow along with sweet perfume to escalate inside the room. Some lights attached with strings will provide you both warmth and a glittering look. Never leave behind any corner of your precious house not illuminated. Provide lights to every nooks and corners so they do not look dull or dreary.

Natural Touches

Keep some home friendly green plants that will make a statement to your room. Without creating a hole in your pocket you can adorn your room with lush green beauties. For the new-year pine and ferns are best for a permanent solution. These days silk arrangements that come in lovely containers made of glass look very elegant.

Every small changes is adopt to give a new look to your home is unique in its own way. Decorate your own personal place of living with lots of love and affection so that your home can play as a reflection of your mood and taste.



Know All That You Wanted to Know About New Year Party Décor

Another year is set to arrive and parties are a great way to bring the new-year with fun and frolic. This is the time of the year when old and new friends get together to celebrate in exciting manner shunning all the stresses. Bright colours, music and dance floor instantly create a fun ambience for the party. Here come few ideas for an ideal new-year party.

Theme Parties Are ‘In’


Theme parties are latest fashion when talk about parties nowadays. Organising nice concerts for new-year parties are common but twist the concept a little bit with only retro or only jazz music to give the party a new dimension.

Dress code

Create a dress code for your party. Make every invitee wear a theme dress and enjoy. Take my word; this will be real fun watching every one wear such dresses.

A Floating Picture Gallery

Attach photos of friends, various moments and hilarious times with a long thread to some balloons and let them float on the ceiling. The balloons will move around the party to give perfect talking topics to the guests.


When it is new-year party, the clocks are must. Keep various clocks of various shapes and sizes and keep at different places of the party venue. When the time will strike at 12 O’ clock all of them will start making sounds of different tunes making the party successful.

Resolution Tree

Every single person writes or remembers his/her new-year resolution. You can add some pretzel to the idea by keeping few chits of papers written by the guests themselves and asking the guests to pick the same card they wrote. Winners will be felicitated.  Or a better one, take a few branches, add a little gold spray and arrange in a clear vase. Leave some notes and ask guests to write resolution on them.

Other Things to keep in Mind

Planning any party begins with inviting friends; make sure to invite friends much before the due date as you may end up knowing that they have committed to some other plan. Try to make invitation card very elaborate and colourful having all the detailed information regarding the theme, timing and venue.

Get A Brighter Space For Yourself With Peppy Light Setting

Even the most luxurious of homes can look down market if it does not have the necessary lighting. In fact, it is one of the most fundamental and important of all elements in a house. Lights add beauty, clarity and safety to a house. Moreover, the right kind of light can add that extra dose of sophistication to any urban space.


Light For The Living Room

The living room is the first chance to give out a welcome vibe to any visitor. Therefore, place a chandelier or beautiful Chinese lamps on the ceiling with a warm and friendly light in it. The best option is halogen light and you can place a mirror in the room to enhance the lighting.

Let The Kitchen Be The Queen

Kitchen is the place to experiment because it is a private place and therefore with restricted entry to outsiders. Go for can lighting, task lighting and mood lighting. Extra lighting is a must over the sink, preparation area and the stove. Even under cabinet lighting can be used which stays alight at night time.

Beauty For The Bathroom

A well sized bathroom needs a equal amount of lighting and even separate ones for the washbasin and shower area. In case there are multiple mirrors, then you can have separate fixtures over each or even sconces on either side. The shower area can have a shower/fan combination and the switch must be on the outside.

Soft Romance For Bedroom

The bedroom calls for soft and dreamy lighting and also bright white light. Switch them as per your mood and a pretty decorative light in the middle can up the ante by quite a few notches.

While lighting is a necessity, there is no reason why it cannot be decorative. So pull up your sock and add the best of lighting to your home.


Spend Ample Festive Cheer With A Few Quirky Festive Decor Tips

January to December and December to January, there are so many amazing and beautiful occasions for the citizenry of India to look forward to. The biggest festivals that India celebrates with gusto and enthusiasm are the various regional New Years, Navratri, Durga Puja and the most exciting of them all – Diwali. New clothes and good food are prerequisites, so why should your dear home feel left out. Here are easy festive decor tips to follow.


Thought For The Floor

A much neglected area of the house is the floor. While we tread on it day and night, it is equally necessary to make it look beautiful. The best option is a colorful and bright carpet or rug. Choose shades of orange, yellow and green or a mix of all because these are the season’s colors.

Comfy And Quirky Sofa

With the floor taken care of, spare some thought to the furniture on top of it, i.e. the sofa. In case you have a bland monotonous sofa, then spice up the look by throwing on some colorful and printed cushion covers. They will make a room look fresh and bright to say the least.

Designer Touch To The Wall

Walls are more like a gallery space to show off the latest treasure brought by you. However, in case you want to have a standout wall, then cover them with wall paper. Floral for the living room, cartoon characters for the kids room and food wall paper for the kitchen – there is one particular design for every room.

Other than these furnishing tips, you can also add potpourri, colorful and fragrant candles and hanging lanterns to pep up the look of your home during the auspicious and celebratory occasions in India.




President Speak at ABID Exhibition 2016

ABID, a pioneer organization in home and interior designing industry, has been a trendsetter in terms of various aspects exploring new opportunities to exchange ideas and information to create awareness amongst public regarding human habitat and way of living.
FireShot Capture 65 - ABID Kolkata - http___abidkolkata.com_president.php
Given the choice of making the world an aesthetically beautiful place, ABID hosts numerous seminars and workshops aimed to educate service providers and consumers through a common interactive platform. Some of the major instances of such conferences in the past that is worth mentioning are the oneswith Anchor at Taj, another at Haffle Design Centre and an upcoming one on Green Design Interiors to be held in January 2016 not to mention the annual exhibitions that are held year after year with much aplomb.

Apart from the evident interest in the field of home interior decorating, sustainable design concepts etc, ABID also fairly contributes to social needs. Recently the members of ABID vouched to revamp a worn out Juvenile home in Kamarkundu near Kolkata. ABID Proposes to help the organization renovate interiors of kitchen and bathroom space and make the place more habitable for the boys. Numerous such CSR activities are conducted and will be conducted by ABID on a regular basis.
To expose its members to the latest trends in the homedecoration industry across the globe , ABID organizes trips to national and international exhibitions for the members. These visits have benefitted the members in their profession of designing modern habitats and work places.

As the President of ABID my vision is to develop a strong organizational framework for various skill developments programs and putting in place a strong networking system for the overall growth of the industry.

The Best Stalls At ABID 2016


Like every year, ABID has continued with its tradition of ‘INTERIORS 2016’ this year as well. The event had taken place at the Milan Mela premises where some of the eminent dignitaries present were the Chief Guest for the day Mr. Aroop Biswas, Honorable Minister for Housing and Youth Services, Honorable Mayor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation Shri. Sovan Chatterjee as the Guest of Honor and Ms. Mahima Choudhury as the special Guest. The occasion also saw the presence of Mr. Kamlesh Agarwal, President, ABID; Mr. Anand Gupta, Secretary ABID, Exhibition Committee Chairman Mr. Sundeep Chadha  and other office bearers and members of ABID. The exhibition started on 10th March and continued on till 14th March 2016, from 10 am to 7 pm.


Sponsors for The Event

While last year there were around 240 exhibitors, the numbers increased by around 100 this year to stand at 340. The total area covered by the stalls was more than 50,000 sq ft. On top of that, there were mock rooms installed by interior designers and decorators that gave you an idea on how to use the end products. As a visitor, one could get the opportunity to explore stall of sponsors like Principal Sponsor GreenLam Industries Ltd. and sponsors Amulya Mica, Merino Laminates, Raga, Viva Simpolo, Qutone, Raga Kitchens, Somany, Tajpuria, and Enox.

Numerous Stalls took part in the event and among them some of the stalls were awarded . Here is a quick glance at the award receiving ceremony.

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