Abid Interiors 2017 Glimpses

It was a gathering of sorts where some of the best brands from the furnishings and fittings industry came under one roof.

The Association of Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators and Allied Business (ABID) organized their  annual mega event ‘Interiors 2017’ from April 28 to May 3 at the Netaji Indoor Stadium.

Want to have a look at who all took part in one of the finest exhibitions of the city? Here are their profiles:


PACKMAN offers versatile solutions addressed to hotels, hospitals, corporate houses, commercials and residential projects, with its unique product range such as window blinds, curtains, curtain tracks, floor coverings, attendance and access control etc. throughout the Indian market.

Century Ply

A leading manufacturer and supplier of quality plywood, laminate sheets, fiberboard, marine wood, MDF boards, sunmica and veneer wood.

Bharat Marble

A trusted brand of traders and suppliers of granites, marbles, sandstones, tiles and sanitary ware products.


The company manufactures a vast portfolio of tiles(floor and wall), marble, mosaic and metal craft.

Urban Element

Kolkata-bases interior designers and decorators, Urban Element is making waves with its modern design aesthetics. Classy and stylish is what describes their work.




ABID to Host Interiors 2017 at Netaji Indoor Stadium from April 28th to May 3rd , 2017


abidIt’s that time of the year again! Association of Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators and Allied Business (ABID) has organized their  annual mega event ‘Interiors 2017’. The event is being held at the Netaji Indoor Stadium from April 28 to May 3 between 10am and 7pm.

Want to decorate your house and scouting for some good ideas? Hop in to our exhibition. Some of the biggest and sought-after furnishings and fittings brands will set up stalls at the event. You can also get an idea about how you can do up your house through the mock rooms that will be created by interior designers and decorators at the venue. Well, you cannot buy or sell anything at the fair directly but you can always check out the collection at the stalls and place your request later, which will be catered to.

Brands like Century, Bhagwati, Propello, Supreme, Nitco, Shree Marble, Pergo, Art Collection, Bharat Marble, Perollo Pump, J W Design, Packman, Khemka, Attique, Marudhar Marble, Golden regrigeration, Electropulse, Seven Design and Ruby interiors among others.

Save your dates for the biggest exhibition of the year and spread the word.

Premier ABID Cricket League

Let your sportsman spirit take a fly this season with ABID Interiors. ABID is organizing an extravaganza as Premier ABID Cricket League on 26th March 2017 from 10 am to 7 pm at The Spring Club, Kolkata.

In this league the entrepreneurs who remain busy almost all the year round are taking a break from their humdrum routine and are gearing up for this cricket league to show some of their cricket tricks.

There are several teams which are participating in this cricket league such as Hardware Heroes, AC Charges, Seven Rangers, Pirates Packman, Radharani Rockers and Balaji Blasters.

Home Decor for The New Year

Home is where the heart is, who does not want a makeover before the year ends? Be it home or self- a new look is always welcome particularly before the new-year arrives. Replacing few of your old furniture with some new ones or decorating a wall on a different note will definitely make you happy as well as present yourself as a maven to your friends and family.

Wow Factors Related To Walls


If you deck even one single wall of your house the colors will add a new life to your home. But opting for a thorough painting is not always possible for us and so it is best to give a quick makeover to our home with wall stickers. Lots of decorative stickers are available in the market and online portals are coming up with variations you cannot imagine of. You can either use it to accent a single feature wall or an entire room, a small section of a wall, a door panel or even the back side of your sofa set. Covering a single wall with glass is another option you can adopt. It does not only provides lots of lights but can create a new classy look to make you spellbound.

Be Traditional And Classy


If being traditional is your cup of tea with a shot of nostalgia then choose some retro type brocades, tapestries and antique statuettes to don up your living room décor. Be affirmative for some dramatic drapes for the room’s curtains. A room without curtains is like men in suits without shoes. There is nothing fussy about wrought iron furniture, be it bed room or living room these products are acceptable everywhere. Nowadays simple but adorable wood, metal and stone furniture as well as décor materials are available in the market, you can choose some of them closing your eyes to provide a new look to your home.

The Magic lies in The Balancing Act

Please be sensible while designing your home with fancy, exorbitant items, change is good but up to a limit. Flaunting all the flashy and costly things together will show your pride and low level aesthetic standard. Never let it happen, be a good connoisseur of good things.


Flaunt some jute, bamboo and earthy materials inside as well as outside your precious home to create a different note that will give a new and unusual look to your home décor. Welcome the new-year with lots of happiness and creativity.




Tips for Year End Home Décor

New Year means new beginning; literally for almost every aspect of life and so our most desirable homes cannot be left behind without a makeover. Year end comes along with winter. Time to bring out the additional carpets and rugs to cover the bare floor to provide comfort and a new look together.

Simple Idea That Add-on Fun Element

Designer furniture always offer the best look to your otherwise simple looking living room though we often tend to change our home décor with the furniture from an exclusive décor store such as ABID. But sometimes a little change in the interior decoration with the same set of furniture give a different look to your old living room; like changing the cushion covers, displaying the dressier fabrics, rich materials do not overpower the overall look of the room but add more warmth to your home.

Create A Cozy Corner of Your Own

Let the light fall inside and allow the winter sun warm up your room. Make a reading corner with simple looking comfortable furniture favourably in teak wood. Top quality furniture and furnishing will give you endless options for a cozy sitting arrangement. There is nothing more sublime than reading while sun warms up your back.

Inventive Candles

Candles are considered as the ideal décor accessory nowadays. Fragrant candles are perfect during winters for their beautiful glow along with sweet perfume to escalate inside the room. Some lights attached with strings will provide you both warmth and a glittering look. Never leave behind any corner of your precious house not illuminated. Provide lights to every nooks and corners so they do not look dull or dreary.

Natural Touches

Keep some home friendly green plants that will make a statement to your room. Without creating a hole in your pocket you can adorn your room with lush green beauties. For the new-year pine and ferns are best for a permanent solution. These days silk arrangements that come in lovely containers made of glass look very elegant.

Every small changes is adopt to give a new look to your home is unique in its own way. Decorate your own personal place of living with lots of love and affection so that your home can play as a reflection of your mood and taste.


Know All That You Wanted to Know About New Year Party Décor

Another year is set to arrive and parties are a great way to bring the new-year with fun and frolic. This is the time of the year when old and new friends get together to celebrate in exciting manner shunning all the stresses. Bright colours, music and dance floor instantly create a fun ambience for the party. Here come few ideas for an ideal new-year party.

Theme Parties Are ‘In’


Theme parties are latest fashion when talk about parties nowadays. Organising nice concerts for new-year parties are common but twist the concept a little bit with only retro or only jazz music to give the party a new dimension.

Dress code

Create a dress code for your party. Make every invitee wear a theme dress and enjoy. Take my word; this will be real fun watching every one wear such dresses.

A Floating Picture Gallery

Attach photos of friends, various moments and hilarious times with a long thread to some balloons and let them float on the ceiling. The balloons will move around the party to give perfect talking topics to the guests.


When it is new-year party, the clocks are must. Keep various clocks of various shapes and sizes and keep at different places of the party venue. When the time will strike at 12 O’ clock all of them will start making sounds of different tunes making the party successful.

Resolution Tree

Every single person writes or remembers his/her new-year resolution. You can add some pretzel to the idea by keeping few chits of papers written by the guests themselves and asking the guests to pick the same card they wrote. Winners will be felicitated.  Or a better one, take a few branches, add a little gold spray and arrange in a clear vase. Leave some notes and ask guests to write resolution on them.

Other Things to keep in Mind

Planning any party begins with inviting friends; make sure to invite friends much before the due date as you may end up knowing that they have committed to some other plan. Try to make invitation card very elaborate and colourful having all the detailed information regarding the theme, timing and venue.

Home Décor Tips This Winter: How to Make Your House New Year Ready

Autumn is the time when nature offers her palette of colors to dazzle our senses. Decoration for your precious home is a must this time to boost up everyone lives in your family. As we enter our festive season this time the eye catching display of colorful furnishing or accessorizing the home becomes vital for every family. You can easily bring the glories found outdoors right up to your doorstep and beyond without pinching your pocket much.

Ornamentation Must But Comfort First

Every nook and corner of your house seeks comfort so be enough stylish to enhance the comfort level; decorate your house with natural things for parties. Whatever things are ‘in’ for the season use them for interior decoration. It will provide a new look as well as you won’t be out of the trend. Adorn your living room with plenty of books, you can serve your dining table as a great spot to display picture books and design manuals. Take my word, your friends and extended family members who will arrive to visit for the festive season will complement your taste.

Do Not Underestimate the Kitchen Area

Rather than painting and staining kitchen cabinet with the same color create a kaleidoscope of various colors to make the place vibrant. Comfortable look at this particular area will make your visitors feel like home. Collect some special cutleries, glassware for special occasions and display them in your dining area to add more sparks to your home décor.

This Is The Time to Pull Out All The Favorite Items

Autumn is the perfect time to array all your heavily embellished textiles for furnishing. New curtains, new upholstery will provide a contemporary look to your home. Lit the best corner of your house with your favorite lampshade and do not forget to put a comfortable arm chair near it. Place a table stacked with your favorite books.

It you cover your table legs you will have an entirely new look of your room so drape a cloth over the table to the floor. You can stash unwanted boxes and other clutters beneath the drape to give a clear look to your room.

Use ordinary flowers those are available in your garden to decorate your living room, do not go for costly, pristine flowers as the previous one will give you more comfort and satisfaction.

Simple changes make biggest differences so be simple, think simple and make your home just like you, the special one.

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