ABID Interiors 2018 – Sponsors

Meet our sponsors for the greatest fair of 2018

Founded about 29 years ago, Kajaria has catered to the diverse taste and aesthetics of Indian consumers with their design, quality, and technology. Keeping with the ever-changing market and customer demands Kajaria is now a household name for ceramic/vitrified tiles both in India and abroad. Kajaria Eternity is the world’s only GVT tile brand which boasts of 850+designs (SKU’s) in 15 different sizes and
multiple finishes. Consumers will have more than 2000 options in vitrified tiles, ceramic floor, wall tiles, and designer tiles.

One of the leading manufacturers of furniture fittings Hettich combines intelligent design, latest technology and functionality. From runner and drawers systems to hinges, folding and sliding door hardware to decorative handles, Hettich offers solutions for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Hettich offers customized design solutions for every customer as per their requirement and

Pioneer in sophisticated furniture and furnishings, Stellar started in 1996 with only one motive: to provide quality furnishings and elegant designs for the discerning homemaker. From furnishings and home décor merchandise to accessories and laminated floors, from exclusive showpieces to amazing upholstery Stellar caters to different sectors in both residential and commercial areas.

Since its inception in 1953, NITCO has adhered to three basic principles: product quality, customer service and innovation. The company has redefined and reimagined spaces adding a stylistic element to your home and office. The beautiful collection of marble, mosaic and tiles are designed to cater to the diverse needs and requirements of the customers.

Fenesta Windows is part of the 125-year old legacy of DCM Shriram Group. The brand specializes in design, manufacture, installation and service of 100% customized UPVC windows and doors. All the products are engineered with precision to match the requirements of the customers. Spread over 200 cities across the country, Fenesta has installed about 2 million windows which can withstand the warm climactic conditions of India.

Combining 80 years of experience and expertise, Everest Ceiling Solutions has provided umbrella solutions for various areas like false ceiling designs, ceiling tiles, interior products and interior design solutions. Whether you are looking for a sturdy false ceiling or a simple yet elegant design, this company is your one-stop destination for the perfect ceiling which will complement any space.


Our Eminent Speakers for Intelligent Design Solutions

Meet our esteemed speakers for ABID’s Intelligent Design Solutions, a day-long seminar about the latest technological developments in the field of interior architecture.


Our key note speaker, AR Karan Grover, is an alumni of M.S. University of Baroda and Architectural Association in London.He the first architect to win the U.S. Green Building Council’s “Platinum” Award for designing the greenest building in the world. Karan’s climatology-friendly buildings are the first of their kind in India. He will be there to speak on achieving intelligent building design solutions. He will also be speaking about about his years of experience in his designated building and how ‘green architecture’ has become the need of the day.


A big name in Thailand, Ar Acharawan Chutarat has created some brilliant concepts in light designs for commercial, residential, and cultural spaces. Her designs are environment-friendly and sustainable and have been appreciated by her clients. Acharawan’s work has brought her accolades and recognition. We are honored that she will be a speaker in our event.


AR Prem Nath is an iconic Indian architect who is responsible for designing buildings of great repute in both national and international locations. As an architect, he believes in blending the concepts of design and construction for all his projects. He has won many awards for his extraordinary contribution in this field. We are proud to have him as our panellist.


AR J P Agarwal will be present as a speaker in the event. He will be talking about his years of experience and also how young architects can advance in the field.


An alumni of Bengal Engineering College and IIT Kharagpur, AR Anjan Gupta, is a renowned name in field of architecture. He has worked on various reputed projects like Arthur Anderson Professional School Campus in Illinois. His clients credit him for creating brilliant designs in tight budgets. We are honored to have him as a moderator.


AR Vivek Rathore is a well-known name in the world of architecture. An IIT Roorkee graduate, Vivek has always emphasized on sustainable designs. A pioneer to initiate the concept of Biophyllic [love of nature] in his architectural design, his concepts can be found in abundance in commercial and hospitality projects. It will be an honor for us to have him as a speaker.


French Interior Design : The Beautiful Parisian Style

The French have never been accused of sacrificing style for anything. Though these Parisian homes do not share just one style, each takes a cue from the French attention to detail while reflecting their occupants deepest desires and most powerful passions. In these Parisian apartments and home we will see that the French style is about incorporating the old with the new and letting unique pieces complement one another and stand together, rather than creating a look wherein every piece “matches.”

Spice it up with red

Not every Parisian space will make such dramatic use of red, but it makes this French studio apartment feel like a delicious den of passion.

Houseplants – You cannot go wrong with this idea

Despite a simple design, this apartment is made incredibly homey by the inclusion of one simple houseplant. Bringing the outdoors inside can help occupants to remember and hope for spring, even in the rainy, dreary winter months.

Bookshelf for all you book lovers :

This apartment, with its wrought iron balcony railing and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves is indicative of the French way of life. Reading, relaxing, and celebrating beauty. The black furnishings are another popular theme throughout these French homes.

More Houseplants

Another home of nature lovers, putting these easy to care for succulents and plants on different levels creates art from living things.

Consider  the French  Lifestyle :

French interiors are just as much about design as they are lifestyle. They appear so effortless, but only because they are built to accommodate the way you move through the room. There are nooks to lounge in and creative storage for all of your momentos, to make daily life a breeze. The design itself is far from relaxed, but living in a French-style maison couldn’t be easier.

Cool Interior Design Ideas for Kid’s Bedroom

Decorating a kids’ room doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, even for small spaces. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. There are fun innovative storage solutions disguised by splashes of color that would make any room look like a three dimensional Picasso!

Get creative and play with colors:

The brilliant color combination of the beds, area rugs, closet units and desks are striking and set an exciting tone against the whimsical shapes and forms they create.’

Add a little magic to your child’s bedroom with wall art:

Wall art has also become a convenient way to dress up a child’s room, delivering simplicity with a punch of character in its application.

Bunk Beds are look cool:

Even these twin bunk beds have loads of style and provide multifunctional built-in shelving, staircases and storage units!

Don’t forget about the floors:

All these organizational ideas clear some floor space for a fun and modern play land as well as plenty of space for homework, of course!

Girls Bedroom Ideas:

When it comes to teenage girls’ bedrooms, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.  It’s always great decorating a kids’ bedroom and girls’ bedroom design can be a lot of fun.

Decor Ideas That Are in Trend This Year

Your home is a reflection of your taste in aesthetics; it displays your sensibilities and your desires. Envisioning of how you want your home to look is the easy part, but it may take days even months to make it practically possible. The design and decor of your home should also reflect your personality. So, if you are planning a revamp session, it is time to discuss some decor ideas with your interior designer and bring something unique on board.


Till a few years ago, the Indian design industry was largely undeveloped, as there was no market for local crafts and products. The homes used to look like clones as each house stressed on minimalism and large empty spaces with touches of Italian decor. But more and more people are looking for individualistic touches with an inclusion of handcrafted furniture made in India. The idea is to diminish the influence of the western world, take
the traditional art and craft of India and blend it with contemporary style. Local materials like marble, leather, wood and brass are finding their due places in the studios of the creative designers. An embroidered sofa would sound improbable a few years back. Things have changed; traditional motifs like the paisley print are making
way to Indian houses.


The demand for metal art is also on the rise. Eclectic art pieces with a modern touch have become quite popular in urban homes. Metal table tops and asymmetrical shelves are also finding their way in the urban landscape. One good thing about the local-made products is that customers the choice of customizing their products as per their budget and requirements. A marble lampshade may not suit your budget, so you can always ask to customize it and make it less ornamental. Mix and match style will dominate home design; the young urban group of customers do not want to adhere exclusively to one single decor idea. Rather, they would love the mix of elements which will bring out a unique style.


Although soft pastel shades are still used for bedrooms; bold jewel tones which create a dramatic effect on the walls are becoming extremely popular. According to interior designers, there should be at least one wall with bold colours which will act as the center piece of the entire house has become a trend these days. As a contrast to the bold swishing colours, matte-coloured appliances are preferred in the kitchens.

Looking To Decorate Your New Home And Seeking Thematic Inspiration? Here Are Four Interior Design Styles That Are Popular in Modern Homes

Modern Minimalist Style

Minimalist interior design is one of the architectural centre pieces of the 20th century. Spare and streamlined while still being inviting -minimalism is charming in almost any space.With less clutter to wade through and process mentally, the innate beauty of each piece of furniture or art in the home really starts to stand out.

Rustic Style

Rustic interior design creates an eclectic look that emphasises nature: homespun, timeworn, handcrafted, distressed items constructed of natural materials or finished in a natural hue. Rustic interior design furniture normally consists of wood, reclaimed lumber and stone. However, bamboo, rattan, sisal, nubby cotton, wool, paper, glass, clay and various types of metal can also be incorporated to embellish the look. Metalworked furniture is another great option to use with this concept.

The rustic look features wooden beams and columns as well as hardwood or stone flooring. If you don’t have these elements in your home, it is possible to put up faux beams or columns to achieve the look.

Industrial Style

Industrial interior design is popular for decorating lofts and old buildings converted into living spaces, although it can be used for traditional apartments and houses too. What you need for this style is to create an illusion of rough surfaces and materials that suggest an industrial past. The simplest way to show roughness is to leave some walls or surfaces unfinished. In addition to some rough metal elements that will create an industrial atmosphere, you are looking for old, industrial-looking objects that are made from steel, metal or wood.These items are preferably worn down or have been salvaged and recycled.

Medieval style

Medieval interior design draws its inspiration from the Middle Period of European history which lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. Medieval interior design creates a dramatic look that recalls the grand stone castles and wooden dining halls of the era.Remember that the best interior architects will frequently bridge different styles together.So liberate your mind and approach your design from creative angles.

Sushil Jhunjhunwala Interior Designer

As an interior designer for the past 30 years, I have come to realise the immeasurable importance of finding that niche state of mind that makes for good design. What works for one client is anathema to another. So, what’s the formula? Having been involved in creating some of the most considered residences, work spaces and private lounges in the city, one discerns they are as unique as the individuals who inhabit them. My personal design philosophy lies in zeroing in on those subtle distinctions of luxury and style and leveraging them to the utmost with intelligent planning, innovative architecture, and bold colourisation.

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